FAZED.AI : Artificial Intelligence – powered video interview bot

Powered by machine learning and emotional AI, FAZED.AI is a virtual interview platform that mimics face-to-face interview. It takes account the candidates body language, facial expressions, voice tonality and content of responses. It reviews resumes and can determine the best suited candidates for the job. It would also give feedbacks to the candidates which would have a positive candidate experience. FAZED.AI can be used to standardize and revolutionize interview process and eliminate interviewer biases.


Dramatic reduction in hiring cost & effort.

FAZED.AI is highly scalable and can be distributed to 100s of candidates in one go. Traditional phone and in-person interviews cannot! Use it to save 60% or more in hiring cost and cut down your time-to-hire by 80%

Takes the bias out of interviews.

FAZED.AI is standardized across geographies and interviewers. For a given role, each candidate is scored on the same set of parameters eliminating all types of interview biases.

Actually evaluates & scores the video interview.

FAZED.AI is not a mere interview video recording and sharing tool. Its AI engine scores the video feeds real-time, generating detailed reports on candidate’s personality and domain knowledge in order to help you identify the ‘right’ organizational fit.

Mobile & PC Ready.

xDesigned for the 21st century, our tools are not only compatible with a wide range of devices, they leverage new age social and device features to ensure superior experience and accessibility.

Real time scores, reports & analytics.

FAZED.AI provides real-time scores and performance analytics that enable you to take data-driven hiring decisions. From setting up your assessments, to the test environment, proctoring features to accessing data you can do it all at one place.

Superior candidate experience.

Today recruitment is all about candidate experience & we deliver it! FAZED.AI’s world-class interview technology, flexi interview options, multiple device integration and live support assures a fundamentally improved candidate experience. It cuts down candidate wait-time by over 75%




+VIP recognition

+Person of interest recognition

+Staff access control

+Loss prevention

+Demographic recognition



+Guest on boarding

+Staff access control

+People counting

+VIP recognition

+Person of interest recognition



+Two-factor authentication

+Fraud abatement

+Access control

+Loss prevention



The users will be able to be prepared for the job interview according to the post applied for. FAZED.AI will be able to help candidates gain confidence and develop skills required for the job. This will help candidates to work on their shortcomings and ace the interviews in the future.



FAZED.AI will be able to change the future of hiring and recruitment. It will dramatically decrease the hiring costs and the time spent on hiring a candidate for a particular position. The process of scanning resumes and choosing the top candidates decreases chances of bias decisions and paves way for a more transparent hiring system. The positive candidate experience and timely feedback will also leave a good reputation for the company.